Battle Ground . . . In and Around

A pictorial drama

of early Northwest pioneer life


Battle Ground is located in Southwest Washington where Pacific Northwest history began near the city of Vancouver on the Columbia River.

Vancouver, Washington was the first “Vancouver” established by the Hudson Bay Company as a trading post. When the boundary line between British and United States territories was established farther to the north, a new “Vancouver” came into being for the Hudson’s Bay Company in British Columbia, Canada, and Vancouver, Washington, became a commercial center and military fort.

The naming of Battle Ground is a fascinating and complex story.

There were volunteer soldiers involved and an Indian chief was killed. There was no battle but there could have been. Page 166 and 167 give one of the most credible versions.

Although family names are mentioned, this is not a book of family histories. Instead it is a collection of photos of the people at work and play in the places where they lived. However, it is valuable to genealogists because it is indexed by proper names of people and places in the photos.


A complete index of proper names and place names is included in the book.

Pictured above are photos of the coffee-table quality book which includes over 1,000 photos and illustrations reproduced from originals loaned to the author by descendants of pioneers in the area.

Welcome to a piece of Pacific Northwest history. What better way to experience history than to see its photos! The area selected for this book is within the boundaries of one of the largest school districts in the state and encompasses 41 early communities of Clark County.

The current edition of Battle Ground . . . In and Around was re-printed in the fall of 2006, several years after the 1984 second printing had sold out. This edition is basically the same, but with an added page of notes collected by the author since the first printing.

Former printings:

• 1976 in conjunction with the United States Bicentennial. Sold out.

  1. 1984, reprint sold out.

• 2006, limited number available.